All service operated as of 6/26/16 with notes on upcoming service changes where indicated.

Express Routes

Express services operate weekdays only in the peak direction.

Route Terminal 1 Terminal 2 via Notes
707 Downtown LA Montclair Transcenter 10 Freeway 24/7 Service
481 Koreatown El Monte Station 10 Freeway Wilshire Blvd
493 Downtown LA Diamond Bar Park and Ride 10, 60, and 605 Freeways Colima Road Golden Springs Drive Service May Operate On Valley If The 60 Has Traffic Operates To Phillips Ranch on NABI-42 BRT
495 Downtown LA City of Industry Park and Ride 10, 60, and 605 Freeways Brea Canyon Road Service May Operate On Valley If The 60 Has Traffic
496 Downtown LA Azusa Transit Center 10 Freeway
497 Downtown LA Chino Park and Ride 10, 60, and 605 Freeways Service May Operate On Valley If The 60 Has Traffic
498 Downtown LA Citrus College 10 Fwy Grand Ave
499 Downtown LA San Dimas Park and Ride 10 Fwy San Dimas Ave
690 Pasedena Montclair Transcenter 210 Fwy Rte 66
699 Los Angeles Montclair Transcenter 10 Fwy

Local Routes


Route Terminal 1 Terminal 2 via Notes Add Notes
178 El Monte Puente Hills Mall Colima Road Nogales Street Pacific Ave Serve Baldwin Park Metrolink
185 Azusa Puente Hills Mall Hacienda Blvd Irwindale Ave
187 Pasedena Montclair Gold Line Route 66
190 El Monte Cal Poly Ramona Blvd
194 El Monte Cal Poly Valley Blvd
195 Walnut/Pomona Indian Hill/Holt
197 Montclair Indian Hill/Holt
269 El Monte Montebello/Rosemead
270 El Monte Monrovia Peck/Huntington
272 Duarte Westfield West Covina
274 Whitter Baldwin Park Metrolink
280 Azusa Puente Hills Mall Azusa Avenue
281 Azusa Puente Hills Mall
282 El Monte Puente Hills Mall Valley Blvd Colima Road 10 Freeway Uses Valley if 10 has traffic
284 Glendora Westfield West Covina Lone Hill Ave Route 66
285 Orange County La Habra Puente Hills Mall
286 Orange County Brea Mall Indian Hill/Holt 57 Freeway Mission Blvd
289 Cal Poly S Campus Drive & Temple Ave Puente Hills Mall Colima Road Nogales Street La Puente Road
291 La Verne Pomona Marketplace Garey Avenue
292 Claremont Indian Hill/Holt
480 Montclair Westfield West Covina 10 Freeway
482 Indian Hill/Holt Puente Hills Mall Colima Road Golden Springs Dive Serve Laterman Development Center Gateway Circle & Cal Poly Pomona Operates To El Monte on NABI 42-BRT
486 Cal Poly Pomona El Monte Amar Road Garvey Ave
488 El Monte Glendora
492 El Monte Montclair
494 El Monte San Dimas Operates Weekday & Weekend Peak Hours Only
Former 184 Monrovia Arcadia Westfield
Former 184 Pasedena Montclair

School Routes

Route Terminals via Notes
851 Glendora/West Covina Glendora Ave

853 Diamond Ranch High School

Gateway Circle

Golden Springs Drive

854 Diamond Ranch High School

Gateway Circle

Diamond Bar Blvd
855 Claremont/Pomona
Former 852 Pomona Fairplex/Pomona Orange Grove Ave White Ave Holt Ave Garey Ave
Former 853 Gateway Circle/Pomona Golden Springs Drive 195 Route After Does Not Stop At High School Only One Trip & Back

Stadium Routes

Route Terminal
665 Hollywood Bowl
686 Rose Bowl


As of 10/1/12

Cash/TAP Card Fares Base

Fare Type Regular Senior Disabled

Base Local $1.25 $0.50

Silver Streak Peak $2.45

Silver Streak Off Peak $2.45 $1.35

Commuter Express $4.90

Transfers $0.50 $0.25


Pass Type 31-Day Pass EZ Transit Pass

Adult $70 $84

Student $33 $84

Senior Disabled $22 $35

Silver Streak $105 $150 (P3)

Discount Silver Streak $52 $63.50 (P3)

Commuter $170 $194 (P5) $82.50 (P5 S/D/M)

1. Peak fares apply on non-holiday weekdays from 4-10am and from 2-8pm

2. Commuter Express fares apply to Lines 493, 497, 498, 499, and 699.Metrolink Tickets are not accepted: only the full fare of $4.90, the 31-day pass or the P5 EZ pass.Transfers are worth 1.25 toward the full fare.

3. Transfers can be purchased of 50 cents using cash of a TAP card with a cash purse loaded (a TAP ard is required). The transfer is then loaded onto the TAP card and is good for up to 2 hours. The transfer on the TAP card can also be counted as base fare for any TAP enabled transit agency as well. Paper transfers may be requested for connections to agencies that don't use TAP. They can be counted as base fare for any transit agency to which Foothill Transit connects.

4. A 31-day pass lifespan starts when the first pass is used, not necessarily at the beginning of the month, unless the pass was first used at the beginning of the month. For example, if the pass is bought on March 6, but first used on March 12, the expration date of the pass is April 12 at midnight. 31 days after it was used.

5. Discount Silver Streak passes can be purchased by students ,seniors and the disabled, and Medicare card holders. If the pass is used during peak hours on the Silver Streak, Line 481, or Line 690, the difference must be paid in cash.

6. All Foothill Transit passes are now sold on TAP cards only.

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